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Ørbæk Brewery was founded in 1906 by the family Madsen in Ørbæk, in this ownership it was for three generations. The brewery was built as a malt and white beer brewery, in 1914 Fyn brewery was especially known for its Stakitøl, which was made from smoked malt from the brewery's own malt house.


We, Niels and Nicolai Rømer, took over in 1996 Ørbæk Brewery. The brewery was intact; in the beautiful old buildings, there was a brewery, bottling and more. After some renovation of machinery and buildings, we took again the brewery in use. Out of respect for the brewery's history and soul are brewing equipment and malt house untouched, and it provides a historic view, which helps keep tradition and quality production.


Naturfrisk is the name of our line of organic soft drinks and juices, which we produce in café bottles of 25 cl.


The concept behind Naturfrisk is simply that the products must be natural, pure and of the highest quality. This means that there is no added preservatives, artificial colors and flavors.


Production started in 1997 and we market products both at home and abroad.

You can find our products in Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Iceland, Netherlands, Belgium, France, Spain and Greece.

The products are available at selected cafes and restaurants.


Drink products from Ørbæk Brewery with a clear conscience.


As our products from Ørbæk Brewery are natural products can taste and color vary slightly from production to production.




2005 was a landmark year, when we opened a new extension with more modern brewing equipment. This part of the brewery has a brewing capacity of 60 Hl. per brew, and despite the building's modern architecture in harmony with the old part of the brewery. In this way we have for testimonials from both employees and visitors preserved the beautiful framework for Ørbæk Brewery.

With the expansion, we can now keep up with the increasing demand for our products. Today we see forward to many challenging year on a Danish market, where more and more micro-breweries are helping to increase competition and interest in the Danish quality brew.




You may ask yourself why we brew and produce organic? The answer is quite simple:

We believe that for our children and posterity's sake is every reason to think and act ecologically order to preserve the balance of nature.


Our main motivation is that we believe that we eat must be of the best quality - it must not be filled with detectable pesticides and other chemicals. These are harmful for both humans and nature - and we will not use raw materials that may have been grown at the expense of polluted lakes, rivers and seas, clean drinking water and human well-being.


We want the best quality. We brew and produce in the belief that the best flavor is obtained by using the best raw material and it is organic ingredients. Our organic products are guaranteed by the fact that they are made from organic ingredients, which is under constant scrutiny by the Danish Ministry of Food, as well as foreign. These ingredients include barley, spelled, hops and fruit / juice. In this way we ensure that we use only ingredients that are grown in harmony with nature without the use of chemical agricultural chemicals like pesticides (including fertilizers), GM and others.




We have established a shop in the recent refurbishment at the brewery, and it is now possible to buy beer and drinks at our address: Assensvej 38, 5853 Ørbæk.




Monday - Thursday

9:00 to 15:00


Friday, weekend and public holiday CLOSED




We have established a visit room, which also serves as an educational facility in the Diploma Utility program. Here it is possible that if necessary. savor our good beer and soft drinks in pleasant surroundings. During the tour we will guide visitors around through the old part of the brewery into the brand new and refurbished part. We strive to show ølbrygnings process from malt to finish bottled beers. Of course there will be some samples of our products.

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